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Raw peasant cuisine. Quick, simple raw vegan recipes. Fresh ingredients that are low cost. Staying healthy when you're too busy to spend lots of time making food. How to save money on food and equipment. Nutrition & health information.
Raw food vegan potlucks. Cruelty-free, earth-friendly eating. Think globally, eat locally grown food. Plant-based diet to help stop global warming.
Nonviolence: Love animals, don't eat them. Long life: Eat plants. Eat some raw foods.

Climate Change, Ecology

Animal Agriculture & Climate Change

Raw Materials

Raw Food Vegan Recipes

Health, Nutrition, Animal Advocacy, Nonviolence

Nutrition and Pain

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Upcoming Events

World Day for Farmed Animals, 2018-10-02

Conscious Eating Conference. Watch videos of the presentations.

Berkeley Vegan Earth Day, 2018-04-22

Meatout is March 20th

Animal Rights Conference, Washington DC, 2018-08-??/10 © Jordan Rothstein <jordan at>