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Buddhist Vegetarianism & Dalai Lama

Just as no pleasures can bring delight
To someone whose body is ablaze with fire,
Nor can the great compassionate ones be pleased
When harm is done to sentient beings.
- Shantideva

Dalai Lama's World Peace Ceremony Goes Vegetarian

AMARAVATI - At Kalachakra for World Peace 2006, presided over by the Dalai Lama, all the food served to the 200,000 people attending the ceremony was vegetarian. He made a speech in Tibetan, criticizing factory farming and meat consumption, and urging Tibetans to stop the trade in wild animal skins and furs.

If the human community is based on principles of peace, it will lessen the sufferings caused to millions and billions of animals. Otherwise, out of humans' limitless and unjustified greed and desires, they build beef farms, pig farms, and fish farms which never existed before and are not needed. And now, when the animals bring diseases they are killed in large numbers. So many fishes are killed and they suffer so much.

These days there are many Tibetan groups in India working for vegetarianism and spreading compassion for animals, such acts are extremely good and something to rejoice. Most of the monasteries have also turned their kitchen into vegetarian which is really good.
- from Dalai Lama's speech

Dalai Lama Supports Tibetan Vegetarian Movement

INDIA - Tibetan Volunteers for Animals (TVA) has converted over 14,000 Tibetans to vegetarianism. The new vegetarians sign a pledge never to eat meat again. Dalai Lama gave funds to TVA to print 35,000 copies of vegetarian books for free distribution. The group campaigns for vegetarianism in Tibetan settlements throughout India, Ladakh, Nepal and Sikkim. They are opening vegetarian restaurants in Tibetan communities.
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Dalai Lama Supports Western Vegetarian Movement

DHARAMSALA - Generally there seems to be an increase of vegetarians among the Westerners. I heard recently in BBC that in England the number of vegetarians is increasing. That is very good.

It is wonderful. We must absolutely promote vegetarianism.
- Buddha Heart, Buddha Mind: Living the Four Noble Truths

One positive development within modern society is the way in which, together with a growing appreciation of the importance of human rights, people are coming to have greater concern for animals. For example, there is growing recognition of the inhumanity of factory farming. It seems, too, that more and more people are taking an interest in vegetarianism and cutting down on their consumption of meat. I welcome this. My hope is that in the future, this concern will be extended to consideration for even the smallest creatures of the sea.
- Ethics for the New Millennium, p. 157

Eventually, we need some kind of worldwide movement for more vegetarianism, to check those beef farms, poultry farms, fisheries and shrimp,... One plate of shrimp, too many lives,...

Dalai Lama's Vegetarian Kitchen

DHARAMSALA - Dalai Lama has repeatedly urged people to move toward a more compassionate diet. His kitchen at his residence in Dharamsala is vegetarian. He doesn't always maintain a vegetarian diet while traveling. It is reported that Tibetan doctors told him he must still eat some meat. Most Tibetan doctors are unfamiliar with vegetarianism, as are most Western doctors.

Dalai Lama Wants Tibetan Monasteries to Go Vegetarian

In the past several years, His Holiness has requested Tibetan monks and nuns become vegetarian. Traditionally, monks and nuns would eat food that had been offered to them, including meat. It was felt that if the monks had fresh tofu to eat each day, it would provide them with the good protein source they need.

So a plan was implemented to purchase a tofu machine that would be able to provide fresh tofu daily to 3,000 monks and nuns. The intention of this project is to one day have a tofu machine in each Tibetan monastery in India and Nepal.
- Arjia Rinpoche's Tofu Project

Dalai Lama's Spiritual Advisor Supports Monasteries Going Vegetarian

If the number of people who consume meat is reduced, it then automatically reduces the number of people who kill the animals to meet the demand. In this way, by becoming vegetarian, we contribute, to some extent, to the reduction in the number of animals killed.
- HH Kyabje Lati Rinpoche -

Dalai Lama Promotes Vegetarianism

Dalai Lama promotes vegetarianism on first ever World Compassion Day

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