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Colon Cleanse Product Scam

Psyllium gel molds to colon, looks like impacted wastes, but isn't. A number of people sell pre-packaged mixes described as colon cleanses. Dramatic testimonials from those using the products describe long, black ropy masses in the toilet. They are so happy that this stuff, that they assume was inside them for decades, is out. The solid mass is assumed to be impacted wastes.

The main ingredient of the cleanse is usually psyllium seed, or psyllium seed husk. Generally there's also a mix of herbs, perhaps clay, flax seed, and/or other fiber sources.

Fun Science Experiments to Try

1: Take some psyllium husk, mix it with water in a glass, and let it sit until it gels. Turn the glass upside down. Out slides a mass of gel in the shape of the glass.

2: Take some psyllium husk, mix it with water in a glass. Don't let it sit until it gels, or it will be difficult to drink. Put the psyllium husk and water into a human digestive tract, ie. swallow it down. After an appropriate interval, you will see a mass of psyllium gel, in the shape of the inside of a human colon, slide out the other end of the human. Various other materials may have become mixed with the gel as it travels through, giving it a more interesting appearance from the gel in the glass.

3: Repeat the two experiments above, but this time add ground herbs, powdered clay, etc. to the psyllium husk before mixing it with water. When the mass slides out, it will probably look more dramatic than before. For instance, some clays (common cleanse ingredients) will make the mix look black. Herbs may make it look strange.

You've probably figured it out by now. The stuff people see coming out after they use the cleanse isn't a mass of old impacted wastes, it's a mass of psyllium, with some waste mixed in. If they keep taking the psyllium mix, they'll keep seeing more of the same. They'll think that they were full of yards and yards of prehistoric wastes. They'll always think they need to do another cleanse. Every time they do, it looks like more ancient wastes come out.

Psyllium Husk is Cheap, Cleanses are Expensive

Metamucil, sold at any drugstore, is psyllium husk with flavoring. It's less expensive than the cleanses. Even cheaper, you can buy psyllium at many health-food stores from the bulk bins. Once you see how cheap it is, you're realize what a bad deal the cleanse was. The cleanse peddler will tell you how superior their special blend is. Anything with a lot of fiber would work just as well.

Better Idea: Eat a High-Fiber Diet

We're adapted by evolution to thrive on plant-based diet of unrefined whole foods. Such a diet contains plenty of fiber. Eat a variety of high-fiber foods, to get different types of fiber.

Insoluble fibers
Soluble fibers
Algal Polysaccharides

Different plants contain different types of fiber. They all have different benefits. Some absorb toxins, some feed the good bacteria, some hold water better. It's best to eat a variety of high-fiber foods.

It's ridiculous to make juice, throw away the fiber, then take psyllium. Eat the whole carrot, the whole apple, the whole orange. You'll get a variety of fibers, and you won't need the psyllium.

What Dietary Fiber Does.

Fiber does not sweep, brush or scrub the colon. Fiber absorbs water, so the stools are soft and bulky. Soft stools are easier to pass, with less straining. Bulky stools stretch the walls of the colon. This stimulates stretch receptors, nerves in the bowel wall, which signal the involuntary muscles in the colon to contract. That produces a bowel movement.

The colon's main job is to reclaim water from it's contents. Low-fiber foods allow the colon to absorb more of the water, so the stool becomes too dry, harder and smaller.

Fiber also provides nourishment for the beneficial bacteria in the gut, which ferment the fiber. Acids such as lactic acid, butyric acid, and proprionic acid are produced. Lactic acid has a laxative effect. Proprionic acid is used as a fuel by the cells in the colon wall. Butyric acid helps the immune system. The acids suppress candida and harmful bacteria, which like a more alkaline environment.

Refined foods have had some or all of the fiber removed. White rice, white flour, sugar and tofu are refined foods. Animal foods contain no fiber at all. Juices, oils, and tahini are the most common refined foods eaten by raw-food folks. © Jordan Rothstein <jordan at>