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Ambrosial Apples

Use a fragrant variety of apples: Pink Lady, Fuji, Etc. Slice apples thinly. Grind cardamon seeds over apple slices.

Apple Carrot Spice

Grate carrots very finely. Grate or chop apples coarsely. Place all in dish. Grate a small piece of ginger over dish. Squeeze tangelo over dish.

Cardamon Carrots

Grate carrots very finely. Place in dish. Grind cardamon over all. Squeeze mandarin orange over dish.

Grape Slush

Get the darkest purple-black grapes you can find. They must be old-fashioned grapes with seeds. Put grapes, seeds and all, into blender. Blend. Pour into little bowls or fancy parfait glasses. Serve as is, or garnish with a tiny amount of finely grated ginger or orange zest, if desired. © Jordan Rothstein <jordan at>