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Going Raw

Q: Tell me more about this Raw Diet. Going 100% vegan was hard enough for me.

A: Congratulations on going vegan! You're now already going to be healthier, longer-lived, have a smaller eco-footprint, and most importantly you're not causing as much suffering to others (animals). So don't stress about raw, take it slow.

Remember to notice and appreciate how far you've traveled. If going vegan was hard enough, going raw will be hard too. Don't push yourself to the point where you reject the whole thing and go back to familiar ways. Wait a bit, get some info, try a few new things maybe.

I've been vegan for decades, and when I went raw, I was in continual low-level freakout for the first few months. Food and eating have so many emotional nuances, and changing is always unsettling. Familiarity is a very powerful force. We always want to go back to our old familiar ways, even if they were killing us. Takes time for the new thing to become familiar. Wait till you have a comfortable feeling about the vegan thing, so you can use that as a place that feels safe and supportive, then explore raw from there.

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