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Raw Grain Muesli Cereal

See Grain Preparation for basic info on how to prepare raw grain.

Basic Raw Cereal, aka: Muesli

Put coarsely ground or rolled grain in bowl with enough water to moisten them. Use oats, rye or wheat, or any combination of them that you like. Soak until soft. Grab a spoon and eat. Yes, it is that easy. It's fine just like that, or you can flavor it or garnish it. See the raw grain recipes below for various enhancements.

Breakfast Muesli

Prepare a bowl of muesli. Then add any of the following, to jazz it up.

Lunch or Dinner Muesli

Prepare some muesli. Then add any of the following. Serve with a salad, or some raw vegetable dishes.

One-Dish Meal Muesli

In the tradition of the peasant or worker's one-pot meal. Prepare muesli in the bottom of a food storage container. Place salad, or chopped or grated vegetables on top of muesli. Seal the container, go off to work or school.

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