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Vegan Potlucks, lots of Raw Food

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Bring generous quantities of high-quality, fresh, healthful yummy vegan foods. Provide the kind of tasty, nourishing stuff you're hoping the other people will bring. Bold culinary experiments or minimalist simple fare, it's all good.

Raw food encouraged. Don't know how to fix raw foods? Don't stress. Raw food is great, but our main priority is to avoid causing animal suffering. Wholesome cooked vegan dishes are very welcome.

Let's gather and all enjoy a good meal together.
If a few people can help clean up afterward, that's nice. If you've got a folding table, or a few folding chairs, it might be good to have extras. If you take photos of the potluck, please send me some.
Photos: Vegan Thanksgiving 2005
Photo below: Vegan Thanksgiving 2004 (no photos from 2006)


If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.
J. R. R. Tolkien

Please bring:
Enough food to share.
Ingredient list to put next to your dish.
Serving utensils.
Reusable eating dishes, utensils and drinking vessels.
Please, please, none of these:
Ingredients taken from animals or bees without their written consent.
Junk food, chips, candy, sodas, bottled juices, white-flour baguettes, etc.
Non-reusable plates or throw-away utensils, unless you plan to eat them after use.
Small dishes containing a few artistically arranged tiny morsels.

Nonviolence: Don't eat animals. Long life: Eat raw plants. © Jordan Rothstein <jordan at>