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Rye supplies the antioxidants IP-6, alkylresorcinols, phenolic acid, ferulic acid, hydroxycinnamates, abscisic acid, and lignans.

Rye Intake Protects Against Breast Cancer

In Finland, people eat a lot of rye bread. Eating rye increases the amount of enterolactone, which is produced by beneficial bacteria in the intestines that ferment the lignans in rye. Women with the most enterolactone in their blood have the least breast cancer.

Rye May Help Against Prostate Cancer

A diet high in rye bran inhibits the growth of prostate cancer cell more effectively than soy does. Diets high in rye bran increase apoptosis in prostate cancer cells also. Apoptosis is when the body causess abnormal cells, such in as cancers, to die. Normal cells are unharmed.

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